Trampoline and Acrobatics

Trampoline and Acrobatics . Acrobatics training and trampoline training for children and adults

Trampoline and acrobatics develop agility and coordination. This is a great alternative to the gym, jogging and other cardio! Trampoline exercises and acrobatics are an excellent vestibular training for skiers , snowboarders , wakeboarders, kiters, surfers, inline-skaters and skateboarders , scooter riders and longboarders.

In children, the trampoline forms the correct posture and body development due to the uniform load on the muscles.

A specially designed program from our school will make the training process  exciting not only for children but also for adults!

Individual training*500 UAH/hour
Group training**400 UAH/2 hours
Subscription for 10 lessons in a group3000 UAH

Trampoline classes are held year-round.
There are no age restrictions!
Classes are possible only in the absence of medical contraindications!

*Personal trampoline + personal trainer

**Number of people in the group – up to 15 people

Our groups :

  • Children (4 to 8 years old)
  • Teenagers (9 to 18 years old)
  • Adult (18+)

The program is compiled individually for each student, taking into account his level of training and individual capabilities from simple to complex with a planned increase in load.

Training takes place in the trampoline-acrobatic hall – TSEKH. View map

Trampoline club “TSEKH”   – a professionally equipped trampoline hall with three trampolines of the eurotramp type and a wall for practicing tricks. The hall has a good warm-up zone, slackline, workout zone, balance boards, parkour and bouldering zone. Also in the hall there is a rope park and many climbing stands. The hall is equipped with comfortable dressing rooms, lockers for storing things and a shower. The temperature in the room is comfortable thanks to a good ventilation system. Everything is equipped with protective mats and flooring for maximum safety during training.

Our school chose this hall as the most convenient hall of the city of Kiev for trampoline – acrobatic training!

How to find the hall: the hall is located in the shopping center “Marmelad”  at the address st. Borshchagovskaya, 154 on the 6th floor from the opposite side of Sport Life (follow the corridor according to the signs).

For details and pre-booking call administrator : +380985408355 or on website below.