Snowboard lessons

Professional training in snowboarding in Kyiv

Victory School trainers teach you and your children how to snowboarding safety and with good technique

  • Obligatory theoretical part – here you will be taught the basic rules for snowboarding and behavior on slope

Basic technique – the simplest technique with which you can ride easy pistes and ride all next day!

Carving  – The most popular snowboard technique among those for those snowboarders who love speed!

Freestyle and snowboarding – for real lovers of extreme sports and who just ride the slopes is no longer interested.

Freeride – off-piste riding technique for real extreme lovers*

We teach adults and children from 4 years old.

All classes are held according to the author’s methodology, based on an international system in compliance with  White fis code.

For those who are confidently standing on the board on a regular basis, a sports group works.

Many of our students compete in Cups and Championships and are champions and prize winners of competitions!

*The level of riding and physical fitness of the child is determined by the coach in an private lesson.

Private and group lessons are held in Kiev at the “Protasov Yar” ski resort according to pre-registration.

Individual lessons with a trainer for children and adults are held at the “Protasov Yar” ski resort every day from 10:00 to 22:00 by pre-recording with school administrator, 1 day before on weekdays and 2 days before on weekends.

Group classes in regular groups  are held in 3 sports sections by age, direction and level of riding.

Our regular groups:

Snowboard Kid (4-8 years old) 

Skill Level: begginers.
This group is for the smallest champions who, despite their very young age, are already confidently riders on the snowboard and ready to ride the coolest slopes.

Snowboard Race (7-16 years old) 

Skill Level: intermediate, advanced. 

These boarders ride much more confidently than kids. They are interested in competing and winning starts, going to training camps! Team spirit and friendship in our sport is what characterizes future champions. Each training session for these guys is a small competition in which each of the guys wants to win, be cooler and better than others!

Evening group (18+) 

Skill Level: intermediate, advanced.

This group was created specifically for those snowboarders who want to spend their evenings actively and improve their technique of riding slopes and snowpark. In this group, they not only ride, but also learn to perform tricks and ride features (boxes, rails), if that all sounds good, welcome a board!

Low seasonHigh season*
Private lesson (1 hour)500600
Split lesson**8001000
payment for each next student in the group300400
One-time lesson
regular groups***(1,5 / 2 hours)
400 / 450400 /450
Subscription for 10 lessons
regular groups

*High season from December 28 to January 7

**Split lesson – private lesson with two students with one instructor

***A regular group is a group that runs on schedule.

Prices are in UAH

Ski and snowboard rental

In  Victory School you can rent ski and snowboard equipment.

The cost is indicated in UAH for 1.5 hours of use

Deposit for rental snowboard and ski kit: 10000 UAH or driver license + 1000 UAH, or Passport + 1000 UAH

If the rental of skis or snowboards is taken for a lesson with an instructor, you do not need to leave a deposit.

Snowboard kit 250
Snowboard + bindings 200
Snowboard Boots 120
Snowboard kit 150
Snowboard + bindings 120
Snowboard Boots 100
Helmet 50
Goggles 50
Gloves 50
Back protection 50
Safety shorts 50

Group classes are scheduled at “Protasov Yar”.

Also, our ski, freestyle and snowboard school carries out regular trips to the mountains with training camps. Each participant of the camp will be able to significantly increase their riding technique under the strict guidance of a trainer – instructor. The results of improving skills from shredding in the mountains will not be long in coming! The technique will improve every right before your eyes!

Unfortunately, such progress cannot be obtained at such a fast pace in city resorts.

The schedule of trips can be found at: our trips and camps 

Each trip is a unique trip, the program of which our team has developed for you for many years of traveling around the world and doing the best trips!

Sign up for a training session today and become better tomorrow!