Skateboarding Training

Today skateboarding is not only a sport, a way of moving around the city, but also a lifestyle. If you love skate as much as we love it, we are waiting for you at Victory School. Our instructors will teach you not only how to ride and perform various tricks, but also the philosophy of skateboarding.

We teach adults and children from 3 years old.

Classes are held on the largest site in Kiev – Aleya Zdorovya – NSC “Olimpiyskiy”

School directions:

  • Skateboard slalom
  • Trick skateboarding
  • Flat tricks
  • Skateboarding in a skate park and vert

Do you want to ride with us?

Join our friendly company roller club!

Individual lesson (1 person / 1 hour)350 UAH
Split lesson* (2 people / 1 hour)550 UAH
6 individual lessons (6 hours)
1800 UAH
Subscription 10
individual lessons (10 hours)
2800 UAH
Subscription for 6
split classes (2 people / 6 hours)
3200 UAH>5000 UAH
One-time lesson
in group
250 UAH

Specify the schedule of classes in the group.

*Split lesson – a lesson for two adults or children with approximately the same level of riding and ability.

For a lesson in the group, the child must stand confidently on the skateboard and preferably have his own equipment – a skate, protection, helmet.
The coach and the preparation level are determined by the coach after an individual lesson.You can also rent skate, protection and other sports equipment at school..