Inline and roller skating training

Inline skating and roller sport is one of the most popular extreme sports and recreation.

It is ideal for all people of any age and is considered as an excellent fitness for urban life. 

There are over 10 Inline skating and roller skating destinations.

Training contains a large number of tasks and exercises that turn the learning process into an exciting game. 

Classes are held in the center of Kiev at the largest open rollerdrome of Ukraine – Alleya Zdorovya – NSC Olimpiyskiy.

During our training, you will learn the elements of slalom, learn to ride confidently, do tricks, overcome various slides and slopes, and also, if you wish, play inline hockey. In a word, we will make you a real skater!

Workout for a child is an exciting roller skate game. Each training session will teach your child new tricks and elements that you will feel the joy of as your child breaks into a new training session.

Daily groups for children from 2 years.

Athletes from the Victory School team are champions and prize-winners of Ukrainian and international competitions, real experts in their field!

Twice a year, our club holds biggest in Ukraine inline skating competitions for children and teenagers. Olympic Roller Race.

Over 500 children from teams and clubs from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries take part in the competitions.

Do you want to ride with us?

Join our friendly Roller Club company!

Private lesson (1 people/1 hour)450 UAH
Split lesson* (2 people/1 hour)650 UAH
6 private lessons (6 hours)
2550 UAH
Subscription 10
Private lessons (10 hours)
4000 UAH
Subscription for 6
split classes (2 people/6 hours)
3750 UAH
Subscription for 10
split classes (2 people/10 hours)
6000 UAH
One-time lesson in the group350 UAH
Subscription 6 classes
in the group
1800 UAH
Subscription for a month of classes
in the group
3000 UAH

*Split lesson – is a private lesson for two adults or children of the same age with approximately the same level of riding and ability.

You can also rent skates, skate, defense and other sports equipment at the school. link

We are waiting for you at the largest rollerdrome of the country NSC Olimpiyskiy daily from 10:00 to 20:00. skate, protection and other sports equipment.

During football matches and concert events, the school is closed at the NSC Olimpiyskiy.

Address: Kiev, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 55, Health Alley, NSC Olimpiysky, sector D-15 around the stadium bowl (free admission). View map

The subscription schedule is compiled after the first lesson and is prescribed within one calendar month

Group classes are scheduled.

Check the time of classes in the group with the administrator of the school

The child in group should confidently stand on skates and have his own equipment – skates, protection, helmet, shorts.

The level of riding and preparation of the child is determined by the group coach after an individual lesson