Repair workshop

Repair workshop of inline skates, quad skates, skateboards, longboards, penyboards, ripsticks, trikes, scooters in Kyiv.

We offer professional service and repair of rollers, quads, skateboards, longboards, penboards, rips, trikes, scooters in Kyiv  at affordable prices and as soon as possible.
It should be remembered that even the best and most reliable equipment is subject to natural wear and tear.
Our experts will quickly and efficiently replace the wheels, bearings, and can repair the boot or buckle.

What do you get by contacting our repair shop?

  • Repair by experienced serviceman at a time convenient for you.
  • Guarantee for all types of work.
  • Access to high-quality parts on site.
  • Free consultations on all matters related to operation of inventory and accessories.
  • The cost of spare parts is not included in the cost of work.

Prices for inline skate repair services

Bolt/axle tightening1 pair of rollers50
Unscrewing/drilling bolted (or torn edges) bolts1 bolt50
Replacing wheels + bearings1 wheel30
Flushing and lubricating bearings already removed from the wheels1 pair of rollers200
Flushing and lubricating bearings with the master removing the wheels 1 pair of rollers250

Wheel replacement *
1 pair of rollers100
Buckle replacement1 шт.130
Brake change1 unit130
Sliding mechanism repair1 boot200
Cable replacement on Powerslide models with Vi Flap1 boot260
Installing protective pads on the toe of the cuffpair300 + 50
Shoe repair**1 shoefrom 130 up to 400

* With superficial cleaning of dust and dirt.
** Depending on the model.

Acceptance of equipment for repair at the address: Kyiv, st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 55 (Krasnoarmeyskaya), sector d-15, Alleya Zdorovya.
Attention! Only clean equipment is accepted for repairs!
Additional information and reservation by phone:
+380 (98) 540 83 55

Service is performed within 7 business days from the date of delivery of the equipment.

Urgent repair (within 3 working days) + 25% to the cost of work
Urgent repair (tomorrow!) + 50% to the cost of work

Quad skates repair

Diagnostics before repairFREE
Bearing replacement (yours)240 UAH
adjustment of wheels and tu-stops200 UAH
Replacing bushings (yours)150 UAH
Frame adjustment and adjustment150 UAH
Replacing the frame (yours)500 UAH
Wheel replacement (yours)150 UAH
Replacing Tu-Stop (yours)130 UAH
Pasting the thread (yours) under the tu-stop200 UAH


Replacing wheels / bearings in one wheel50 UAH
Four-wheel / wheel replacementfrom 150 UAH
Ripstick Bearing Replacement: One Wheel 50 UAH
Ripstick Bearing Replacement: Both Wheels 90 UAH
Suspension replacement200 UAH
Bushings replacement100 UAH
Deck replacement250 UAH
Griptape Replacement150 UAH


Replacing wheels / bearings in one wheel80 UAH
Replacing wheels / bearings in both wheels150 UAH
Replacing all wheels on a trikefrom 450 UAH
Repair of the rotary mechanism in the trikefrom 50 UAH
Steering column replacementfrom 250 UAH
Steering wheel replacement300 UAH
Repair deck housing and accessoriesfrom 50 UAH

We provide high-quality service of skis, snowboards on company equipment from the best world brands: Holmenkol, Swix, Toko, Ski-man. Our professional skiman make repairs of any complexity.

1. Edge sharpening on skis130 UAH
2. Grinding and polishing of a sliding surface130 UAH
3. Waxing100 UAH
4. Repairing a sliding surface with minor damage (manual work)100 UAH
5. Repairing a sliding surface with moderate damage (manual work)150 UAH
6. Repairing a sliding surface with severe damage (manual work)250 UAH
7. Repairing a sliding surface with deep damage (manual work)350 UAH
8. Complex №1
(paragraphs 1,2,3,4)
250 UAH
9. Complex №2
350 UAH
10. Complex №3
450 UAH.
11. Complex №4
550 UAH.
12. Ski and snowboard conservation130 UAH
13. De-conservation of skis and snowboards50 UAH
14. Edging angle change150 UAH
15. Mounting platform mounts50 UAH
16. Installation of ski mounts (for children, adults)from 200 UAH
17. Installation of snowboard mounts (children, adults)50 UAH
18. Adjust of ski poles for the height150 UAH

Service is performed within 7 business days from the date of delivery of the inventory.

Urgent repair (within 3 working days) + 25% of the cost of work.
Urgent repair (tomorrow!) + 50% of the cost of work.