Cycling training Kiev

Cycling training Kiev

Riding a bike is a great activity with which you can travel and spend time with benefit for yourself and your health..

Also, many people are increasingly using a bicycle so as not to stand in traffic jams and get to work comfortably and not to stand in morning traffic jams!

If you have not yet been involved with this wonderful activity and are afraid to start on your own, then you are not in vain reading this article! Cycling training – this is what you need.

Our instructors in a playful way quickly and with a guarantee will teach adults and children not only to ride, but to keep their balance and pedal! 

We will tell you the rules of driving in the city and teach you to follow the rules of the road so that your ride in the city is safe and correct.

Remember, changing to a bicycle, you become a full participant in the road traffic!

Lessons are held in a picturesque place in the park area of ​​the city of Kiev on the Aleya Zdorovya in the Muromets Park.

A perfectly flat alley 1 km long, no cars, the presence of cones and special equipment, as well as a professional coaching approach – a guarantee of 100% pleasure for you and your children.

Trukhanov Island will be an excellent option for cycle training for those who are already sits good at bicicle and want to try their skills at longer distance!

Do you want to ride with us?

Join our friendly company roller club!

Individual lesson (1 person / 1 hour) 450 UAH
Split lesson* (2 people / 1 hour) 650 UAH
Monthly subscription 
6 individual lessons (6 hours) 2550 UAH
10 individual lessons (10 hours) 4000 UAH
6 split lessons (2 people / 6 hours) 3750 UAH
10 split lessons (2 people / 10 hours) 6000 UAH
One-time lesson
in group (from 3 person)
350 UAH
/ person

*Split lesson – a lesson for two adults or children of the same age over 7 years old with the same level of riding and ability.

For a group lesson, a child must be able to ride a bicycle without instructor hand support
Preparation level are determined by the trainer after an individual lesson.

You can rent a bike from our partners on the Aleya Zdorovya – Park Muromets

At school, you can rent protection and other sports equipment.

We are waiting for you at our school and see you soon!